Wingman Waterproof Microliner - 01 I'll Be Black

Perfect for anytime, any wear!
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A highly pigmented and waterproof eyeliner, SUGAR Wingman Waterproof Microliner delivers long-lasting 12-hour wear. It's smudgeproof, transferproof and settles to a semi-matte finish. The micro felt-tip aids in smooth and precise application, perfect for all your winged eyeliner needs!

01 I'll Be Black (Black) - Perfect for anytime, any wear!

Additional Details: Shake the eyeliner pen before using, so the formula saturates the felt tip. For best results, wipe the tip with a damp tissue before applying. Use warm water for easy removal.

How to Apply:

For a subtle defining line, draw the tip from the inner to the outer eye corner, sticking as close to the lash line as possible. Slant the tip of SUGAR Wingman Waterproof Microliner and add more pressure to create a bolder line or continue to layer until you achieve desired definition. 

Best paired with:

Go for an exquisite eyeshadow palette and finish off with a curling mascara or a lengthening mascara. Finish with a lip colour of your choice.


SUGAR WIngman Waterproof Microliner is powered by:

Waterproof formula (Doesn’t budge in humid conditions)

Micro felt tip (For great precision)

Intense pigment (For one-stroke wonder)


Q. What’s the finish like of SUGAR Wingman Waterproof Microliner:
A. You will get a semi-matte finish.

Q. How many shades does it come?
A. Currently, there’s just one shade - 01 I'll Be Black (Black)

Q. I’m new to eyeliners, will it be easy to apply?
A. Absolutely! The micro tip eyeliner pen helps with easy and precise application. For a handy guide to apply eyeliners if you’re new to it, read more.

Q. What’s the best way to remove the product?
A. You can remove it easily with warm water.

Q. What is the country of origin?
A. The product is made in Italy.

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