Age With Grace

Do women become irrelevant with age?

Society is more than willing to erase women from the list of priorities once they stop being young.
We are considered old as soon as we hit the 40s and are surrounded by stereotypes like-

Women must look young to be socially relevant.

Unfortunately, the cliche mindset extends to mainstream media and even anti-ageing product ads. Everyone portrays women as deteriorating in beauty as the years pass on.

Nothing Can Be So Far Away From The Truth.

Beauty has nothing to do with age. It is hidden in our experiences, achievements, milestones, and even failures that taught us valuable lessons.

We must stop sending the wrong message and act now to change current concepts. Research shows most women lose their confidence by the time they turn 50.

Some even consider themselves to be invisible or misunderstood.

Surely, we must take a stand today to change the outlook of our future generations. True beauty cannot be measured in years, just like you cannot measure love in any unit.

We invite you to join Girlco’s Age with Grace movement to eliminate the ills of society. Let’s get together to celebrate the beauty of women and be proud of our age. We wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t go through all the things that happened in our lives.

How can you participate in our Age with Grace movement?

Click a picture of yourself and mention your age on a card or paper. It would be great if you could write a few lines about how positive you feel at your age. There are several ways to describe how you feel-

Confident, amazing, bold, courageous, outstanding – the choice is yours.

Get creative and show off  your beauty with pride.

Please send your pictures to us today.

Would You Like To Go An Extra Step And Spread The Word?

We encourage you to post your picture on social media, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It would also be great if you could tag at least 2 – 3 friends or family who feel the same and believe in graceful ageing.

You may also include hashtags like:

#agewithgrace, #ageismisold, #beautyisageless

Be sure to use the hashtag with the name of our campaign so that we don’t miss out on your posts!

We are really eager to see all of your pictures and your happy faces. Let’s prove to the world we matter and age does not determine a human’s worth. Beauty is an intrinsic characteristic that is a result of several aspects of our lives and being.

Beauty Is Ageless Prove It With Us

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