SUGAR - Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick

Get squeaky clean skin on-the-go with this TSA-friendly SUGAR Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick!
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Get squeaky clean skin on-the-go with this TSA-friendly SUGAR Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick! A new addition to the SUGAR Coffee Culture skincare range, this caffeine-infused cleansing balm is one of our coolest creations that comes in a mess-free, retractable tube to remove all makeup and excess impurities from pores, leaving you with a fresher-looking, clear and brighter complexion. This unique formulation works for all skin types and makes for the perfect first step in your daily cleansing routine. It is infused with vitamin E, rich sweet almond oil and organic jojoba oil that soothes and balances your skin, along with brightening coffee seed oil that instantly perks up dull and tired skin. Moreover, this cleansing balm is also enriched with hydrating olive oil, which is a great source of antioxidants and fatty acids that help deliver intense nourishment to your skin.

Perfect for on-the-move cleansing, the Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick with its unique solid balm formula melts gently onto damp skin and effortlessly breaks down long-wear makeup, deep exfoliates and cleanses skin in just a few swipes! It has emollient rich cupuacu butter, natural oils along with skin-loving ingredients like cica and hydrating aloe vera that target concerns like dark spots, dullness and pigmentation. Swipe on this beauty when you are too lazy to indulge in a double-cleansing routine. Simply rub it on damp skin and you will see all the dirt and grime coming off! 

Follow it up with a water-based cleanser or a face wash, and your skin is ready to glow!


  • A unique stick-based cleansing balm for mess-free makeup removal
  • Soft, creamy formula is infused with coffee seed oil, olive fruit oil, organic jojoba oil, cica and aloe goodness
  • This daily use cleansing balm stick glides onto the skin and breaks down makeup and helps get rid of dirt and impurities.
  • It deep cleanses pores, exfoliates and hydrates your skin
  • Has nourishing cupuacu butter that prevents signs of aging and restores skin elasticity
  • Non-comedogenic formula that suits all skin types
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula

How to Use:

Step 1: Twist up the stick and rub over damp skin in circular motions.

Step 2: Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Use a gentle facewash or cleanser to remove any leftover residue, and follow it up with a hydrating moisturizer or serum.


Q. What is a cleansing balm?

A. A cleansing balm is essentially what it sounds like—a thick, rich balm that can be used to cleanse your skin of dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. This type of face cleanser is formulated with natural oils. If you go back to your school days, you may remember the phrase “like attracts like”—which is exactly how face cleansing balms work. The oils in the formula not only rid your skin of all that build-up, but they also help restore moisture, leaving your skin clean, hydrated and intensely nourished. This is a huge factor in why they’re a popular option for dry, sensitive, and mature skin types as they supply the skin with ample nourishment and remove all dirt and makeup too.

Q. Do cleansing balms work for all skin types?

A. Cleansing balms are so skin friendly that they work for all skin types and concerns. They work especially well for those with dry, dehydrated, and even sensitive skin conditions. They’re also great for oily skin as oil breaks down oil, essentially regulating your sebum production, making your skin less oily with regular use.

Q. Can I use the SUGAR Coffee Culture Cleansing Balm Stick as a makeup remover?

A. Yes, you can! Cleansing balms are the best makeup removers because most makeup products are oil-based and are designed for long wear! The nourishing oils in this cleansing balm break down these oils in your makeup, making removal of dirt, makeup, and debris easy-peasy. Just one use will reveal softer, smoother, hydrated skin!

Q. Should I use a cleansing balm if I don't wear makeup?

A. You definitely can! Even if you don't wear makeup, you do need an oil-based face cleanser to melt away sebum, pollutants and dirt from your skin. Water-based face washes and cleansers do not properly remove these impurities, so having an oil cleanser (in the form of cleansing balm) to start off your routine is a great option!

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