SUGAR - Arch Arrival Brow Definer

Your ticket to gorgeous brows!
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Your ticket to gorgeous brows!

Whether you like them naturally groomed or strikingly bold, perfecting your brow game is a fine art. With the new SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Definer, you can now discover the artist in you and score your brow goals in no time.

Bold, bushy, sharp and thin, there’s no brow that the Arch Arrival Brow Definer cannot

work its magic on. Moreover, its sweat and humidity-resistant, waterproof formula

ensures the colour doesn’t slide around through the course of the day and lasts for up

to 12 hours straight. Adding to the awesomeness of this retractable pencil, is the specially-designed triangular slant that gives you both – precise shaping with a pointed tip and generous filling with a flat edge. And with a premium spoolie attached to the other end, no matter how soft or dramatic your arches look, they’ll always be blended and natural.

Your search for your brow weapon of choice ends here – give it a spin today!


  • Easy to use, all-in-one brow tool for easy, on-the-go application
  • Delivers precise, ultra-pigmented colour
  • Super blendable formula
  • Long-lasting 12HR wear
  • Sweat, water-proof and humidity-resistant
  • Designed with a triangular tip to sculpt the ideal brow shape
  • Built-in spoolie helps groom brow hairs and diffuse color for a natural look
  • Cruelty-free and vegetarian, Free from parabens and mineral oil

Available in 4 shades: 01 Jerry Brown (Medium Brown), 02 Taupe Tom (Grey Brown), 03 Woody Scooby (Deep Brown), 04 Felix Onyx (Dark Blackish Brown)

How to Apply:

  • Start at the brow arch and sketch towards the tail
  • Following your desired brow shape, create small hair-like strokes
  • Use spoolie to blend colour and groom brows


Q. How to choose the right eyebrow colour?

A. Eyebrow makeup is never a one-size-fits-all situation! It’s important to consider your skin tone and hair colour before picking any makeup products for your eyebrows. Few pointers that can help you pick the right shade are mentioned below:

Opt for shades that are one shade lighter than your natural brow hair

When confused between shades, opt for cool-tone or neutral hues instead of warmer hues. For more brow makeup tips, checkout our article on how to get thick, amazing eyebrows on fleek!

Q. Should your eyebrows match your hair colour?

A. Your eyebrows should be one to two shades darker than your hair. Avoid matching your brow colour exactly to your hair colour as that may look unnatural. Here are few eyebrow makeup tips that can help - For dark black hair beauties, you can choose dark brown, brunette or medium brow shade. 01 Jerry Brown (Medium Brown), 03 Woody Scooby (Deep Brown) and 04 Felix Onyx (Dark Blackish Brown) are good picks and work best for most Indian skin tones. If you have light brown hair or blonde, look for a brow pencil with some cool undertone hues to it. You can also mix in something with a warm undertone so the colour doesn't look ashy or gray. Try our 02 Taupe Tom (Grey Brown) which works well for fair skin tones. This shade also works for people with gray hair!

Q. How to use this eyebrow definer and get the best results?

A. Arch Arrival Brow Definer is a retractable brow pencil which is quite easy to use!

Simply start with filling and defining your brows. Make sure you draw individual lines

near or between natural hairs using gentle strokes. Brush your hair and the product well using the brow spoolie. Top it off with a brow powder for a sleek finish. You can give your brows some more definition with using our bestselling three-pronged tip applicator Arch Arrival Brow Pen.

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