Natural Hair Removal Cream

Packed With Anti-Inflammatory & Healing Properties
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Furr Hair Removal Cream is made with a simple formulation, easy to use, and an efficient alternative to shaving or even waxing.

It's here to help you regain and maintain your skin's long-lasting smoothness. You can now get rid of unwanted hair in minutes. The cream is formulated with Vitamin E, natural oils, and extracts to keep your skin hydrated. A painless method for removing hair from areas where your razor cannot access, including your bikini line.

Furr Hair Removal Cream is suitable for all skin types and contains soothing anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing properties, which aid in bringing out your skin's natural glow.

Furr's formulation includes natural ingredients and turmeric which helps keep the skin's glow intact.

Enriched with jojoba oil & honey: It comes with a triple response formula, enriched with jojoba oil, honey and turmeric to provide your skin with numerous benefits.

Key Features


Infused Vitamin E Properties Keep Your Skin Hydrated.

Not Tested On Animals.

Free From Harmful Chemicals.


Can I develop allergies if I use FURR Hair Removal Cream?

FURR Hair Removal Cream is made of natural oil and extracts, which reduces the chances of any kinds of allergies.

Can I apply the product using my hands?

FURR Hair Removal Cream comes with an easy to use spatula which can help you in spreading the cream evenly. Using your hands can make things messy.

Can I use FURR Hair Removal Cream for removing hair from the intimate area?

FURR Hair Removal Cream is paraben-free and is safe for use on any of your body parts. So, you can definitely use it for removing hair from the intimate area.

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