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Introducing our Teen and Pre-Teen Freshness Sanitary Pad – specially designed to cater to the unique needs of young girls during their menstrual journey. Our pad provides the perfect combination of comfort, protection, and peace of mind to empower them throughout the day. With a slim and discreet design, our Teen and Pre-Teen Freshness Sanitary Pad offers a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring it stays in place during all activities. The soft and gentle top layer provides a delicate touch, preventing any irritation and keeping them feeling fresh and confident.

Crafted with advanced absorbent technology, our pad effectively locks in moisture and prevents leaks, offering up to [specific hours of protection] for those busy school days and active moments. It provides reliable protection, allowing them to focus on what matters most.


1. Herbal Cooling Chip Neutralizes the odors

2. Extra Breathable & Healing

3. Super 52 Times Absorptione

4. Super Soft Cottony Top Sheet

5. Anti Leakage Protection

6. No Irritation by Eliminating All Bacteria and Germs


OPEN: Take the pad from the indivitual bag and open the wings.

PLACE: Release and place it on the undergarments

USE: Paste the wings on opposite side of undergarments and enjoy rash-free period

DISPOSE: Put the used pad in an individual bag and dispose of it in the bin.


1. Use our disposable bag

2. Take the used sanitary pad and fold it inward

3. Open the disposable bag and carefully place the folded sanitary pad inside

4. Once the sanitary pad is inside the bag, seal it tightly to prevent any odor or leakage

5. Place the sealed bag in a designated sanitary waste bin or a regular trash bin

6. After disposing of the sanitary pad, remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water


Patented Cooling Chip, SAP Sheet, Air-Laid Paper, PE Breathable Film, Glue, Velvety Non-Woven

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