Herbalika herbal pain relief patch

Herbalika herbal pain relief patch is used to get instant pain relief and benefits.
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It contains Ayurvedic ingredients. This pain relief patch can be applied in seconds and deliver sustained relief from period pain directly to the applied area. These non-smelly, non-messy pain patches do not have side effects like skin irritation. This discreet solution for pain management can be concealed with clothing and does not disrupt your day-to-day life.


·        Soothing heat therapy

·        Instant relief from period pain

·        Comfort for up to 12 hours

·        Travel-Friendly

How To Use
- Clean the body part of the application before use.

- Take out the patch from the package.

- Peel off the protective liner from the patch.

- The patches are applied once a day and generally for 12 hours only.


How does the Pain Relief Patch work?

It releases the heat in the targeted area and gives you enough comfort to proceed with your work.

How long does the relief last after applying the patch?

The patch offers relief for up to 12 hours.

Is it easy to use and travel-friendly?

Stick the patch inside the panty. Don't use this patch directly on your skin.

Can I engage in physical activities while using the patch?

You can play sports or travel without being hindered by cramp pains.

Are there any important usage instructions?

Remember not to use the patch for more than 12 hours and apply it immediately after removing the protective liner.


- In case of irritation occurs remove the patch immediately,

To take off the patch, simply dampen it with water and gently peel it away.

- Keep patch away from the children

- Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

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