Disposable Body Shaving Razor I Pack of 5

Equipped With Safety Guard & Anti-slip Grip
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When to use it: Use FURR’s Disposable Body Shaving Razor on washed and gently exfoliated skin to remove your body hair. Check below for details on how to use.

What does it do: FURR’s Disposable Body Shaving Razor glides smoothly on your skin and removes body hair and prevents cuts and bumps.

When can we expect the results: Get an instant soft and smooth skin with Disposable Body Shaving Razor.

Traveling around and can't carry your razor with you at all times? You don't have to anymore! With FURR Disposable Body Shaving Razor just use it once and throw it away.

The razor is equipped with ultra-thin Japanese blade that provides an effortless glide free of nicks & cuts.

Pair it up with FURR Moisturizing Shaving Foam & Natural After Shave & Wax Oil for the smoothest shave!

Key Features


Comes With An Adjustable Head For Easy Navigation

Provides A Perfect Grip Of The Razor

Keeps You Protected From Nicks & Cuts

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