Contour De Force Mini Bronzer

Get an instant sun-kissed glow that lasts!
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Get an instant sun-kissed glow that lasts!

Your search for a flattering matte bronzer that adds warmth and definition to your face ends here.

Introducing the SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer in three universally flattering shades that can be used to add warmth, sculpt or give your complexion a long-lasting, healthy glow.
The silky smooth, lightweight and ultra-blendable formula gives an impeccable radiant-matte finish that lasts for hours and accentuates your best features effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for warmth or contouring, trust this one to do it all, flawlessly!

A single swipe is all you need for a rich colour payoff and that all-year-round tanned, healthy glow.

Choose from the shades below:

01 Taupe Topper (Brownish Gray Bronzer with cool undertones) - For a subtle sun-kissed warmth with a lit-from-within glow. A neutral brown shade with taupe undertones that works well for fair complexion.

02 Woody Wonder (Warm Brown Bronzer) - For an illuminating touch of sunny warmth that enhances your natural complexion. Neither too orange or muddy, this earthy brown shade works well for most Indian skin tones. Best suited for medium or olive toned complexion.

03 Caramel Captain (Chestnut Brown) - For an elegant deeper warmth that lets you bask in that post-vacay bronzed look year-round. This chestnut brown shade with the right amount of warm and cool tones to it, works well for deeper skin tones.

Key Features:

- This illuminating, silky smooth formula blends seamlessly and adds a sun-kissed warmth to your skin
- It's super lightweight, easily blendable and is highly pigmented, thereby giving you a pop of radiance in a single swipe
- This formula is so finely milled that it basically melts into the skin, leaving not a trace of chalkiness or any streaks
- Use this matte bronzer to fake a healthy-looking tan or to chisel and shape the face to create the illusion of incredible definition
- This bronzer is free from parabens, D5, mineral oil and nano-ingredients

How to Apply:

- Tap a makeup brush in bronzer then sweep it along your cheekbones and around your temples and forehead. Apply it to places where the sun typically hits. If you like a sculpted look, you can also run the brush along the edge of your jawline to define it.

- The key to a natural bronzey glow is to blend the product well. Blend in small, gentle circles to diffuse the harsh lines and fade the product for a seamless finish.
- For all-over glow and definition, use whatever product is left on your brush to your nose, chin, and neck.

Best paired with: Bronzer goes on after face makeup (foundation, concealer, setting powder and blush). You can use any type of fluffy brush you like. Our personal preference is a brush with soft, short bristles so that we control the placement. Wear this best buy bronzer over your foundation and concealer. Add a pop of blush and loads of highlighter. Finish with your favourite red crayon lipstick.


Q. What is the formula like?
A. This is a soft, smooth matte finish bronzer gives you that just came back from the beach golden glow. And because there’s no shimmer, it works for an all over application or you can simply dust it on where the sun would hit your face.

Q. How do I pick the right bronzer for my skin tone?
A. Decide a shade based on your skin undertone and opt for a bronzer one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Women with deep skin tones should try rich, chocolatey-brown bronzer while women with fair to light skin can opt for a rose or peach-colored bronzer. Medium skin tones can experiment with warm shades of coppery brown.

Q. Can I use it to contour?
A. Yes, SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer can be used for contouring and adding gorgeous warmth to your skin!

Q. Where do I apply the bronzer?
A. Bronzer is all about adding warmth and dimension to your skin. The best way to apply a matte bronzing powder is blending the product softly around your hairline, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose to flatter your face shape while adding overall warmth and depth to your complexion. Finish the look with a fine highlighting powder to set and add maximum dimension.

Q. Is this bronzer formula safe to use on skin?
A. It's absolutely safe to use on all skin types. It is free from parabens, D5, mineral oil and nano-ingredients and is also vegan.
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