The first step in your journey to bright radiance, Hydra White Anti-spot Serum!
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The first step in your journey to bright radiance, Hydra White Anti-spot Serum!

This divine anti-spot serum, from the Colorbar Hydra WhiteTM Range, actively reduces dark spots or discoloration and hydrates the skin to a full glow! The hydrating serum’s formula blends the patented Ilumeskin WhiteningTM Complex, an expert in actioning the serum’s efficient 4D action. That means bye-bye UV rays and melanin production and hello collagen plus glow! Its weightless and fast-absorbing texture instantly seeps into the skin and leaves behind a non-sticky finish. Delve into a magical transformation - from dull skin with dark spots to a fresh, radiant, clear complexion!

Face serum powered by Ilumeskin WhiteningTM Complex and its 4D action

Actively minimizes discoloration

 Blocks UV rays and melanin production

 Promotes collagen synthesis and enhances hydration

The ultra-light serum that seeps into the skin instantly

Non-sticky finish and non-comedogenic

Motto from today - Shine bright like a diamond!


Cruelty Free | 100% Vegetarian | Dermatologically Tested | Paraben Free | Mineral-oil Free | Silicones Free | Sulphates Free

Formulated in Italy.


• Intensely hydrating anti-spot serum that minimises discoloration

• Non-comedogenic face serum by our patented Illumeskin WhiteningTM Complex that effectively targets skin dullness

• 4D action of formula that blocks UV rays, melanin production and promotes collagen synthesis and hydration

• Weightless serum with a non-sticky finish

How to use

After cleansing your face, apply 1-2 drops of serum using the dropper. Massage evenly. Magic-tip: Follow up with the Hydra WhiteTM Intense Hydrating Day Lotion or the Hydra WhiteTM Intense Hydrating Creme to lock in moisture and seal the serum's action. Why do I need serum in addition to moisturiser? Serum has a smaller particle size than moisturiser, so it can penetrate the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin more deeply than the large molecules of moisturiser. Both work in tandem: serum restores and hydrates from deep within your skin, while moisturiser locks the skin's moisture barrier and seals the serum in your skin.

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