Colorbar Resurfacing Instant Scrub Facial

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Skin TypeAll
Product BenefitsHydrating, Soothing, Glowing Skin, Exfoliating
Active IngredientsPapaya, Charcoal
Material FeatureNatural, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Vegan
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Item Weight50 Grams
Net Quantity50.0 gram

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Our MODERN skin is constantly exposed to invisible BLUE LIGHT rays emitted from the several Digital devices we use like smartphones, laptops, televisions, tablets etc. It can disturb your skin’s natural barrier function and accelerate signs of ageing.

Color bar introduces ‘Blue-Light Defense’, a powerful, gender-neutral collection that fights the effects of the high energy blue-light rays and energizes your skin’s defense.

This exceptionally gentle scrub employs 100% natural soft charcoal beads to give you smooth, efficient detox action to resurface your lively skin instantly. Enriched with our hero Carotolino* active – a combination of Beta-Carotene, Carrot Root Extract and Carrot Seed Oil, this pro scrub exfoliates dead skin, removes excess oil and protects the skin from blue light damage. It contains 100% naturally derived Pentavitin* to visibly soften and hydrate your modern skin.

The formula, a vivid-yellow soft gel dotted with 100% natural charcoal beads, also contains skin-soothing extracts such as Olive Leaf Extract**, Rice Extract, Soya Bean Extract, Papaya Extract, Licorice Extract & Green Tea Extract and skin softening oils namely Sunflower oil, Canola oil & Soya oil.


• 100% natural soft charcoal beads to efficiently exfoliate and detoxify dead skin build-up caused by blue light exposure to instantly resurface healthy, glowing skin
• Extremely soft charcoal beads that are not harsh and do not scratch your skin
• Replenishes skin’s hydration and wards off the harmful effects of blue light exposure
• The hero active is a combination of Beta-Carotene, Carrot Root Extract and Carrot Seed oil, that works to ward off skin damage and offer a radiant, vibrant complexion
• Contains 100% naturally derived Pentavitin, to deeply hydrate and soften your skin
• Contains multiple soothing extracts and skin softening oils to promote a lively and healthy appearance
• Product created for use by both Men & Women
• Suitable for all skin types

How to use

Apply a thin layer on to clean, damp face and neck. Massage gently using circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Rinse gently with lukewarm water. Use 2 – 3 times a week, AM/PM.


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