Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray 75 ML Mint

৳ 398

Item FormLiquid
ScentFresh Mint
Specific Uses For ProductToilet Seat Sanitizer
Item Volume75 Millilitres
Net Quantity75 millilitre
Surface RecommendationToilet Seat. Door Knobs, and all other hard surfaces.
Special FeatureToilet Seat Sanitizer
Number of Items1
Item Weight100 Grams


Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray protects you from germs found in public toilets and reduces your risk of contracting infections like UTI. The spray kills 99.9% of germs that are present on the toilet seat’s surface.

All you’ve got to spray it from a distance of 25cms and wait for 10 seconds for the spray to work its charm and evaporate. The travel-friendly sprays can also be used at home or in the office, and the fresh fragrance will help to keep your surroundings fresh.

The Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray acts as a savior for women prone to infections such as UTI. In a matter of seconds, the Toilet Seat Sanitizer spray sanitizes the toilet seat from all kinds of bacteria and germs and ensures a better toilet experience. The sanitizer spray lets you pee safe.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray 75 ML Lavender


In Short Details:

1. Toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer spray with a pleasant fragrance.
2. Protects against germs and bacteria.
3. Reduces the risk of bathroom borne diseases like diarrhea and urinary tract 4. infection (UTI).
5. Travel-friendly, easy to carry aerosol spray bottle.
6. Can also be used on other toilet surfaces like taps, flush and door handles.


  • Can the toilet seat spray be used when the seat is wet too?

—-Yes, you can use Toilet Seat sanitizer on a wet seat but it won’t dry the seat! The best would be to dry seat before spraying.

  • Do we need to clean the seat before using the TSS?

—-No, to maintain hygiene, it can be done but for safety and disinfectant purpose spray is sufficient to kill germs.

  • What’s the active ingredient in “PEE SAFE TOILET SEAT SANITIZER SPRAY”?

—-Our toilet seat sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. It’s made with Ingredients Benzalkonium chloride, Ethanol, Solvents Excipients, and propellant.

  • Also does it kill virus?

—-It’s kills most of the germs approx. 99.99%.


Inflammable. For external use only. Do not spray near eyes or sore skin. Avoid inhalation. Not for veterinary use.

The Toilet Seat Sanitizer protects you from germs and infections on the toilet seat and is your handy hygiene essential and one of the items you cannot leave home it a Lightweight bottle of the toilet seat sanitizer spray is the perfect companion while traveling. It kills germs, reduces the risk of Urinary Tract Infections and fits in the bag easily.


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