SUGAR Cosmetics Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick

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BrandSUGAR Cosmetics
Item FormCream
Finish TypeMatte
Product BenefitsLong Lasting,Moisturizing,Long-lasting


The secret to having a fabulous matte pout has been revealed!

For red carpet ready, ‘ooh là là’ lips, look no further than our SUGAR Matte Attack Transferproof Lipsticks. Available in 17 highly pigmented, bold and edgy shades to give your lips some love and an oomph factor with every swipe!

These luscious SUGAR matte lipstick shades not only impart a vivid, transferproof pigment but also hydrate and protect lips with the goodness of ultra-nourishing jojoba oil. Introduce your lips to a lightweight, creamy and non-drying formula, with our Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick. Its luxurious formula comes second-to-none and its varied bold lip colours are sure to match every mood, occasion or outfit. This super-matte and creamy lipstick glides on effortlessly, giving your pout a beautiful opaque finish that stays put all day so you never have to worry about bleeding, cracking or reapplying.

Moreover, to ensure precise application, it is meticulously designed in a slim bullet form, along with a premium rubber grip that offers premium definition and precision.

So, what are you waiting for! Take your pick from these creamy and dreamy SUGAR matte lipstick shades that’ll have your lips feeling as gorgeous as they look.


Key Features

  • These creamy matte lipsticks are water-resistant, transferproof, non-drying and stay put for 8+ hours.
  • The lipstick colours are rich in pigment that offer more colour intensity and a lightweight feel
  • Enriched with jojoba oil that hydrates and nourishes lips and also helps reduce dryness and flaking
  • The formula dries quickly to give you an opaque matte finish and leaves behind a smooth, silky feel
  • Available in 17 vividly pigmented shades
  • Sleek, slim bullet design with fuss-free retractable mechanism and superior rubber grip allows for easy and precise application on the go
  • 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, vegetarian formula. Paraben, fragrance and mineral oil free.


How To Apply:

How to apply this SUGAR matte lipstick perfectly:

If you frequently find yourself unsure about the best way to apply lipstick without feathering or getting it on your teeth, we have you covered! Read below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply our SUGAR Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick.

·         Step 1: Exfoliate & Moisturize

The first and the foremost step to achieve a perfect pout begins with exfoliating your lips. This tackles dry, dead skin cells that are clinging on your lips to make them buttery soft and smooth. Use our Lip Service Sugar Scrub to gently buff your lips and soften any lip cracks and lines. It contains super-fine sugar crystals along with hydrating ingredients like Karite shea butter and natural Vitamin E that moisturizers your lips while exfoliating it.

Give your lips an extra dose of hydration with our Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm. Available in 7 yummy-licious flavours, these lip balms contain vitamin E, jojoba oil and SPF that nourish and protect your lips at the same time. These beauties are colourless, thus they do not meddle with the colour of your lipstick in any way. Apply a generous layer of lip balm on your lips and gently massage until absorbed. Then allow for the product to get absorbed into your lips. Once done, gently wipe off any excess product.

·         Step 2: Use A Lip Primer

Get all-day wearability and crease-free lips by using a lip primer. Our Seal The Show Lip Primer is a super-lightweight lip primer that locks-in moisture and prevents the lipstick from feathering and settling into the lip cracks. It creates an incredibly smooth canvas for your lipstick to glide on and stay put while you eat, drink and move about. It feels like wearing nothing on your lips, thanks to its non-cakey and lightweight formula. Plus, it is colourless, which does not change or affect the shade of your lipstick. If you truly want your lipstick to be smudge-proof and crease-proof all day long, then this is a must-have.

If you have pigmented or dark lips, you may dab a little concealer on your lips to reduce discoloration. This will help amplify the actual shade of your lipstick.

·         Step 3: Line Your Lips

Before applying your lipstick, lining your lips with a lip liner offers a much more defined and neater look. Our Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner comes 8 versatile shades that allow you to line your lips to perfection. Begin by drawing a neat ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow and then connect it to the edges of your lips. You may even slightly overdraw the center of your lips to create a fuller look. Remember to not go overboard while overdrawing your lips. Pick a lip liner that is closer to your neutral lip colour or one that closely matches your lipstick shade.

·         Step 4: Apply Your Lipstick

When applying lipstick, start from the center of your lips and work your way outward. Keep a steady hand and use the lip liner as a guideline to avoid overdrawing your lips. Make sure to open your mouth and get to the corners of your lips too.

·         Step 5: Blot And Set Your Lipstick

At the very end, blot your lips after the formula has dried. This helps to remove any excess product that might weigh your lips down. Hold a tissue between your lips and gently press your lips together. Then, to set your lipstick in place, use the other, clean end of the tissue and hold it over your lips. Using a makeup brush, dab some translucent powder on it to prevent your lipstick from shifting during the day. Our All Set To Go Translucent Powder is ideal to use here.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q. How long does this SUGAR matte lipstick last?
  1. Our Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick boasts of a rich pigment, ultra-matte creamy texture, non-drying and full-coverage formula that stays put for more than 8 hours. Forget the hassle of re-application, feathering and smudging with this lippie!
Q. What shade of matte lipstick will suit me the best?
  1. Choosing the perfect matte SUGAR lipstick shade for yourself can be difficult, especially if you’re purchasing online. To pick the right shade, you need to:
  • Determine your skin tone to find the best lipstick hue for yourself
  • Find the undertone of your skin
  • Take your lip shape into account

Your skin tone and undertones will determine what lipstick shades will look best on you. If you have a fair skin tone, you can opt for bright lip shades, if it’s a medium skin tone then you can opt for both dark and bright shades, if it’s a deep skin tone, then opt for darker lip shades. If you want to delve deeper into details of finding the right lipstick shade for you, then this guide will help. If your lips are pigmented or discoloured, then that might change the actual shade of your lipstick. In this case, you can follow the lip care steps above to reduce discolouration.

Q. How do I make my lipstick last longer?
  1. Prepping your lips is very crucial if you want your SUGAR matte lipstick to stay on for hours. Begin by exfoliating your lips with alip scruband use a lip balm to deeply hydrate and moisturize your lips. Lastly, use a lip primer to increase the lipstick’s wearability and create a smooth canvas for your lipstick. Then after you apply your lipstick, allow it to dry fully. Once it is dried, take a tissue paper, hold it between your lips and gently press your lips together. This will remove any excess product. Post that, hold the tissue paper on your lips and using a makeup brush blot some translucent powder on your lips. This will prevent the matte lipstick from sliding off your lips during the day. Want more hacks on how to make your lipstick long-lasting? Read this blog for some tried-and-tested lipstick hacks.
Q. How do I prevent matte lipstick from drying out the lips?
  1. Matte lipstick will dry out your lips, only if your lips are already dry and not moisturized properly. Apply a generous amount of lip balmand massage it well into your lips. Allow it to get absorbed. Once done, wipe off any excess product and then apply your lipstick. The lip balm will seal in any cracks by deeply moisturizing your lips. This will allow the matte lipstick to glide on smoothly and not dry out your lips.
Q. Which are the best nude lipsticks for Indian skin tones?
  1. Picking the right nude lipsticks for Indian skin tones can be tricky. The wrong shade can make you look flushed out, but with our Matte Attack Transfer-proof Lipsticks, you’ll find the perfect nude shade that flatters every Indian skin tone. The shades 09 – The Peach Boys as well as 10 – Depeach Mode are super versatile nude shades that will suit brown skin perfectly. More so, you can also explore our wide range of matte SUGAR lipstick shades here.
Q.  How do you apply matte lipstick perfectly?
  1. Your lips should always be prepped before applying a matte lipstick. Begin by scrubbing your lips with a lip scrub and following with a lip balm. This will reduce dryness and flakiness and allow your matte lipstick to glide. Then set the base with a lip primer and finally go over with your matte lipstick. Being with the center of your lips by drawing an ‘X’ sign on your cupid’s bow. Then connect the edges Following these steps will ensure that your lips look smooth and crease-free under your matte lipstick.
Q. Which are the daily wear SUGAR matte lipsticks you recommend from this range?
  1. There is an array of matte SUGAR lipstick shades and ranges to suit all your moods, occasions and outfits. From our Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick range, you can pick the shades 06 – Spring Crimson, which is a pretty crimson red shade. If you love browns, indulge in 14 – Caffeine Bandit and 05 Tan Halen, both of which are gorgeous chocolate shades with different undertones. Next up, try our regal plum shades with 03 – The Grandberries and 13 – Plums N Roses that look amazing on Indian skin tones. Check out all our long-lasting, richly pigmented and smudge-proof SUGAR matte lipsticks here.
Q. What are the common lipstick mistakes and how to fix them?
  1. Did you overline your lips? Did the lipstick smudge outside your lips? Worry not! Because there is nothing you cannot fix. One quick way to remove lipstick from your skin, without ruining the rest of your makeup is by dipping a Q-tip in your makeup remover and then neatly cleaning off the product. Another great hack is to correct the over lining and smudges with a concealer. Take some amount of your concealer on a thin brushand dab it over the lipstick mistake you want to cover up. Allow it to sit for 30 seconds and then blend it out using the brush or your finger. This will not only cover up the lipstick mistake but also define your lips really well.

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03 The Grandberries (Dark Berry), 05 Tan Halen (Chocolate Brown), 07 Peachwood Mac (Peach Pink), 08 Daft Pink (Deep Pink), 09 The Peach Boys (Midtoned Peach with hints of red and brown), 10 Depeach Mode (Peach)


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