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Things You Should Keep In Mind While Buying Skincare Products.

Skincare is the foundation to healthy skin and an impeccable base for a good makeup look. You must treat skincare like an investment for good skin in the future. It is an incredibly time-taking process, with almost no immediate results, however, a good regime will surely pave the way for good skin. Our skin is the most affected out of all the sense organs. It takes the brunt of our everyday exhaustion and stress. The cells are constantly shedding, and with an active lifestyle, skincare is a must. An effective routine can help prevent scars, ageing, wrinkles, and fine lines.

While buying skincare products we must make sure to keep certain things in mind. Factors like skin type, ingredients in a product, accurate effects of a certain item, and skin sensitivity must be thought of before investing in a product.

Determining your skin type:

There are primarily four types of skin one can have. Oily, normal, dry, and combination.

Oily Skin has increased sebum production leading to shine, enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. Oily skin feels and appears oily. The skin tends to break out in acne and blemishes like blackheads and whiteheads are common. It also has large visible pores.

Normal Skin is well-balanced skin with no or few imperfections & barely visible pores. Normal skin is the healthiest type of skin one can have. It is neither too oily nor too dry. The skin feels soft, firm, and smooth to the touch with small pores and an overall even tone to the skin. There is no excess oil build-up and the layer of skin is neither too thick nor thin.

Dry Skin produces less sebum, feels rough and tight, and looks dull with red patches and more visible lines. Dry skin feels rough and tight (peels at times). The appearance of fine lines along the eyes, neck and lips are common. Dry skin, due to less moisture also causes uneven skin texture and tone. Redness and blemishes are common with the prominence of small and tight pores.

Combination Skin is a mixed type of skin caused by overproduction of sebum, has oily T zone forehead, chin, and nose with normal to dry cheeks leading to overly dilated pores and blackheads. The combination is called so because of the combination of oily skin and dry or normal skin. It is oily in some areas usually the T- Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) with open pores and blemishes. The skin tone is uneven and the dry areas of the skin like cheeks and under-eyes feel rough and thick to the touch.

Active ingredients in the products.

One of the most essential parts of selecting a skincare product or brand is paying close attention to the ingredients used in the product. While many ingredients are said to be beneficial for the skin, some active ingredients might not work for a particular skin type.

The ‘NATURAL BODY NOURISHING OIL’ by Furr is great for a daily dose of nourishment and hydration. Rich in natural ingredients, it is surely the best addition to your unwinding and self-care routine. This cruelty-free nourishing oil hydrates and revives your skin. Rich in 3 exquisite essential oils Argan Oil, Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil, this product relaxes and repairs your skin.

The ‘LUMINOUS ROSE BOOSTING OIL’ by colorbar is another great product, especially for maturing skin in the winter. It contains real rose petals that relieve your skin from stress and inflammation. It nourishes dry and chapped skin making it soft and moisturized the product is also rich in Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E for effective moisturizing and anti-oxidant protection.

The ‘THIRST QUENCHING MASQUE’ by colorbar is perfect for dry and dull skin. It’s not just long-lasting, but it also hydrates and acts like a moisturizer with anti-aging properties. The key ingredient ‘H20 Vita Complex’ also strengthens your skin’s internal structure. Phytic acid and Vita Biorhythm exfoliate the skin and leave the skin feeling relaxed and soft.

The ‘ANTI ACNE FACE MASK’ by Furr is also quite a good product to add to your skin care routine especially if one has acne, oil and dirt build-up, and breakouts. It has 2% salicylic acid and green tea that promotes healthy and clear skin. It is made with a blend of Salicylic Acid, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Calendula Extract, & Shea Butter, the mask controls breakouts & exfoliates dead skin cells.

Serums that drastically improve the skin.

Serums are recommended by dermatologists for the optimal benefit of the skincare regime. A serum not only boosts any function of active ingredients, it also speeds up any primary concern and cure of an individual.

The ‘MIRACLE LIFTING SERUM’ by the color bar is a highly concentrated serum that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to prevent skin from premature aging. Contains blends of vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, a 3P Anti-ageing action system, and Vita Lift Complex. It is also one of the lightest serums and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. The product also enhances the glow and radiance of the skin after its daily use. It penetrates deep within the layers of your skin to hydrate, repair, restore and protect your skin from the inside and restore its youthful radiance

The ‘FURR BENEFITS SKIN ILLUMINATING FACE SERUM’ is another option for dull and mature skin that needs extra care. The product is infused with 20% Vitamin C, Green Tea Leaf Extract, & Licorice Root Extract, and is specially crafted to bring back your radiant glow, and reduce the sunspots, & the signs of aging on your face. The serum also evens out the skin and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t only prevent free radical damage but, also reduces hyperpigmentation.

The ‘HYDRA WHITE ANTI-SPOT SERUM’ by color bar is phenomenal for spot treatment. It is an anti-spot serum that actively minimizes the appearance of dark spots on the skin. It is lightweight, fast absorbing, and illuminating. The product contains Patented Whitening Technology “Illumeskin Whitening Complex” to illuminate your skin.  This unique complex illuminates your skin with its 4D action that blocks the production of melanin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and protects skin from UV damage while giving it a boost of long-lasting hydration. It also reduces the production of melanin, stimulates collagen production, protects skin from UV damage

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